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It's Your Time to Shine

Life Coaching

Today is a Great Day to Invest in You

Welcome, Thank You for Visiting

Whether you are familiar with Life Coaching, or just curious and considering your options, it's fantastic that you're here.  This website will provide information about Life Coaching and about me, an independent Life Coach. Choosing to invest in yourself is an important and personal decision and I'm excited to assist you on your journey. 


As a tangible way to assist you, I've developed a set of 'Powerful Pondering Questions' that I hope might be helful to you. Just complete and submit the Contact Form requesting this tool and the questions will be emailed to you. No strings attached!


About Me

Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a trained Life Coach located in northern Alberta, Canada. I offer one-on-one coaching online, or for those located close by, in-person. Whatever areas of your life, whether personal or professional, you're looking to enhance, I'd love to discuss partnering with you.


Together we can explore the topics weighing on your mind and heart, envision what a more satisfying and fulfilling life looks like, determine what's getting in your way, and clarify how you can overcome those obstacles and shine brighter.

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