About Me. - Trish OFlaherty
About Trish

I'm Trish and I truly love being a photographer. My passion started when I got my hands on a Canon Rebel in 2008. My dog Zeus was my first willing participant and probably one of the most accommodating models I've ever photographed: ) As my confidence grew, I started asking anyone and everyone if they wanted their picture taken.  Gradually I became more proficient and I started booking photo sessions photographing families, expecting mothers, newborn babies, children and pets. In 2016 I went on my first landscape photography adventure traveling to Iceland, Hawaii, and NewZealand.   In 2018 I plan on taking my first group of inspiring photographers on a tour and workshop through the beautiful and unique country of Iceland.   Check out my meetup page if you're interested in attending. Now in my 50's I run a successful business out of my studio just west of Toronto Canada as a product and lifestyle photographer. 

Photography is my passion and if you wish to capture some amazing memories of your own, click the contact button on my site and let me know when and where you would like to make your memories happen!

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